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they cant

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Q: When can a MO resident be imprisoned for debt?
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Will you be imprisoned if you can't pay your credit card debt?

In most countries, being in debt (or rather being unable to repay debt) is not a crime, you cannot be arrested or imprisoned for it.

Can you be imprisoned if you can't pay your debt because of financial incapacity?


Why was Eleanor imprisoned?

She was imprisoned because along with her parents, Mo and Flo, they kept Germaine imprisoned in their house for over 34 years subjecting her to neglect, abuse and ridicule.

What were Georgia founders determined to do?

create a haven for people imprisoned for debt.

Will anyone be imprisoned for non payment of credit card?

Simply being in debt, in itself, is not a criminal offence in countries such as the UK, and as such, no one can be imprisoned for it.

May a person be imprisoned for non payment of poll tax?

Yes they can - at least here in the UK. The person is given many opportunities to bring their account up to date - but if they simply refuse to deal with the debt, they can be imprisoned. They debt will still be there on their release !

Can a person be imprisoned for non payment of debt?

a person be jailed for not paying Arkansas Personal taxesw

What did the leadership of geogia colony had decided the colony?

would be a place where people imprisoned for debt could live.

Why are countries in debt?

cause thay ain't got no mo monay

How does increased debt affect the debt ratio?

Your Debt/Income Ratio is simply your total monthly mortgage + installment + revolving debt payments divided by your total month gross income. eg. If your income is $4000 / month, your mortgage payment is $1000/mo, Auto loan is $500/mo, and total credit card minimum payments are another $500/mo, then your debt/income ratio is $2000 / $4000 = 0.5 (50%) In most cases mortgage lenders do not like debt ratios over 45%.

Can you get a Missouri picture i.d. if you have a suspended license or a warrant in another state?

If you are a MO resident, yes. You cannot apply for one if you are the legal resident of another state however.

Why did indentured servants came to America?

They could not pay the voyage to come to America, or, they were imprisoned and wanted to pay off their debt.