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yes who ever thinks it is isint there stupid just like German

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When America beat Great Britain in the American Revolution.

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Q: When did Britain recognize America as a free country?
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Is Britain a free country?

Britain is no more or less free than America

How did america become a free country?

Congress adopting the Declaration of Independence was the initiating act, and defeat of the British and French armies forced Great Britain to recognize the sovereignty of the American colonies.

What was paul reveres dream?

he was interested in being a dentist

What country did America wanted to be free from?

America earned it's freedom from the Revolutionary War against the Kingdom of Great Britain from 1775-1783.

When was America free from Britain?

I believe 1783...

What country became free from Britain in 1931?

what county became free from great Britain in 1931

Why is America a country?

our country is so free because America wants it to

Which document said America was a free country?

The Declaration of Independence is the document where the original American colonies asserted their independence from Great Britain. It was created in 1776.

Was the declaration an objective and unbiased statement of the American British conflicts?

Not at all. The Declaration of Independence was a very partisan statement, demanding that Britain recognize that America was to be a free and independent nation, and listing the reasons for the separation.

Is America a free country?


Why is America a free countrie?

our country is so free because America wants it to

What happened as a result of the tea party?

America is free from Britain