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Q: When did Hu Jintao come to power?
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What is Hu Jintao's position?

Hu Jintao is currently president of China.

What is Hu Jintao like?

President Hu Jintao likes smile...! Smart...

What is Hu Jintao's birthday?

Hu Jintao was born on December 21, 1942.

Where does President Hu Jintao live?

hu jintao live in the capital of china {beijing.}

Who is Hu Jintao's wife?

Liu Yongqing is Hu Jintao's wife. They have been married for over 40 years since 1970. Hu Jintao is the former leader of China.

When did Hu Jintao graduate from university?

In 1965, Hu Jintao graduated from the Tsinghua University in Beijing.

How long can Hu Jintao be president?

in two years hu jintao will finish being president

Who was the president of China before Hu Jintao?

Jiang Zemin was the President of China before Hu Jintao.

When was Hu Jintao born?

1942 in Jiangyan,Jiangsa

How did Hu Jintao become a leader of China?

because of power. the power of military. no mercy. its hipocracy too

Are kelly hu and hu jintao related?

They are not related.

What year was HU Jintao elected leader of China?

Hu Jintao was elected as the Chairman of China in the year 2003.