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During the Third day of the Battle of Gettysbug in 1863. But it was not Lee who ordered it, it was Pickett.

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Q: When did lee order picketts charge?
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How do you describe picketts charge?

picketts charge is ..........................................

Who won in picketts charge?

no one

Which battle featured Picketts charge?


Did picketts charge at Gettysburg brake the union line?

No. If it had, Gettysburg probably would not have ended the way it did and Lee would have marched even farther north.

What was the famous charge at the center of the union line at Gettysburg called?

Picketts Charge

Was Lee right for taking blame in responsibility of Picketts charge?

No, I think General Lee took too much undeserved blame upon himself. Lee was an excellent military strategist who ran into another officer's part of the mistake.

Which side won picketts charge?

The union beat the confederates

Was Longstreets misgivings about lee's plan for Picketts charge on Day 3 a contributing factor in the disastous defeat for the Confederates?

Most certainly the doubts and reluctance of Longstreet at the last minute cost General Lee that battle.

What Did Picketts Charge Led To Heavy Confederate Losses At The?

Battle of Gettysburg

What famous thing happened during the Battle of Gettysburg?

A number of famous things occured at the Battle of Gettysburg things such as: Picketts Charge Battle of Little Round Top Lee's Retreat Ended Lee's Northern Campaign and many more.

How did picketts charge happen?

Pickett's Charge was a last-ditch attempt by a desperate Robert E. Lee to defeat General George Meade a the Battle of Gettysburg. Lee sent 15,000 men uphill through an open field at the Union lines in the hills above town. Barely 6,000 of them survived.

What year did Picketts charge take place?

July 03 1863 at the battle of Gettysburg.