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Hooker hoped to surprise the confederates from behind and take Richmond but lee marched most of his army west he left 10000 men in Fredericksburg and he order them to light campfires so union forces would think a large army was still there lee ordered a surprise attack at dinnertime on may 2.1862

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Q: Why do you think the Battle of Chancellorsville was considered Robert E Lee's greatest victory?
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Why was the battle of Chancellorsville considered Robert lee greatest victory?

The greatest tactical victory

Why was the battle of chancellorsville was considered Robert E. Lee's greatest victory?

The greatest tactical victory

Which civil war battle is considered Lee's greatest victory?


What is general Robert E. Lee the Battle of Chancellorsville considered?

It is considered his greatest triumph, being outnumbered as he was, better than 2-1.

Why was the battle of chancellorville important?

The Battle of Chancellorsville is considered to be one of General Robert E. Lee's greatest victory. It allowed his troops to continue on to Gettysburg.

Many historians consider the Battle of Chancellorsville to be 's greatest victory?

Robert E. Lee

What is considered to be the greatest military victory of Napoleon?

I consider the Battle of Austerlitz to be Napoleon's greatest victory.

What was the name of the Confederate victory?

the Battle of Chancellorsville

Who won Battle of Chancellorsville?

confederate had the victory...

At what battle did Robert E. Lee have his greatest loss and greatest success?

Chancellorsville marked Lee's greatest victory and at the same time his greatest loss due to the death of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.

What was the name of the Confederate victory described above?

the Battle of Chancellorsville

What were the effects of the Battle of Chancellorsville?

The Battle of Chancellorsville resulted in a Confederate victory, but casualties on both sides were heavy. Also, Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson was mortally wounded in this battle.