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Q: When did the baroque period start and end?
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Why do historians choose the date 1750 as the end of the Baroque Period?

Because the baroque period ended when J.S.Bach died

What time period was bach?

He lived during the Baroque Period, and the year of his death, 1750, marked its end, and the beginning of the Classical Period.

Was the harpsichord from the baroque period?

Yes: clavecin, cembalo, virginal, virginals. but that might be incorrect- p.s how do you pronnunce the last 2?

The baroque era lasted?

The Baroque era's time period is typically defined as the years 1590-1725. This timeframe is often divided into three parts: Early Baroque (1590-1625), High Baroque (1625-1660), and Late Baroque (1660-1725).

What event may have brought about the end of the Baroque period?

Johann Sebastian Bach's death.

When did the baroque period start?

It lasted from 1600 to 1750, and was very ornamental, with emphasis on polyphony.

What are architectural difference between renaissance and baroque?

the difarance be vat baroque start viv a "b," und end viv an "e."

What period were artist producing works in the Grand Manner or Great Style?

the baroque period

What wars were during the baroque period?

In the baroque period, there were wars for over one century!

Was Vivaldi a composer from the baroque period?

yes vivaldi was a composer of the baroque period.

Baroque period years?

the baroque period started in 17th century. around 1600 to 1750.

What was the age of enlightenment classical or baroque?

The Age of Enlightenment overlapped with the Baroque period but is usually associated with the transition to the Classical period in music and the arts. The Classical period followed the Baroque period and emphasized clarity, balance, and order in contrast to the ornate and emotional style of the Baroque.