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per curiam

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Q: When the Supreme Court refuses to review a lower-court decision announcing this decision through a short unsigned opinion is called?
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What are unsigned opinions which outline the reasoning behind a nearly unanimous Supreme Court decision known as ?

a per curiam opinion

Does a decision made by Supreme Court justices have to be signed?

Not necessarily. The US Supreme Court sometimes issues per curiam opinions that are binding (on the instant case) but unsigned; however, these decisions do not set precedent for future cases.

What is the official decision of the US Supreme Court called?

The US Supreme Court decision is called the "opinion of the Court," which most often refers to the majority opinion (decision signed by the most justices) on a case. Sometimes, however, the "official decision" may be a "per curiam" ruling (issued unsigned) or a "plurality" (an opinion, often concurring in judgment, endorsed by more justices than the formal "opinion of the Court.").For more information, see Related Questions, below.

Is a Supreme Court decision permanent?

In most cases a Supreme Court decision is permanent. The current Supreme Court can change the decision of a previous Supreme Court.

How did the Supreme Court rule in the Miranda decision?

The supreme's court overturned Miranda conviction in a 5 to 4 decision.

To which amendment does this Supreme Court decision refer?

Since you didn't say WHICH Supreme Court decision, there is no way to answer the question.

Can a legislature overturn a supreme court decision holding a particular statute unconstitutional?

No it can't. The only way to overturn a supreme court decision is either another supreme court decision, or a constitutional amendment.

What are the powers of the supreme court od India?

supreme court's decision is the fynal decision. supreme court can ineterpret the law. supreme court hav a right to punish the personif he/she breaks the law.

The Supreme Court must have a to render a decision in a case?

The Supreme Court must have a simple majority to render a decision in a case.

The official decision of the Supreme Court is known as what?

The official decision of the Supreme Court is known as an opinion. Rulings by the US Supreme Court cannot be appealed by a higher court.

What are the possibilities of reviving a case if the American Supreme Court and decision is not satisfactory?

The Supreme Court's decision is final, it cannot be "revived" and reheard. However a constitutional amendment that changes the relevant parts of the Constitution would supersede the Supreme Court's decision.

What happens when there is a tied decision by the us supreme court?

the lower court's decision stands unless there is a majority of the Supreme Court in favor of overturning it.