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Dutch West India Company was created on 1621-06-03.

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Q: When was Dutch West India Company created?
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When did Dutch West India Company end?

Dutch West India Company ended in 1792.

Formed the east India company and west India company?

the Dutch

The first settlements in New Jersey were made by the?

dutch west India company and by Swedish settlers

What did the dutch west India company colonist want its colonists to do?

The Dutch West India company wanted its colonists to set up a fur trade.

What was significant about the dutch east India company during the 1500s?

The Dutch West India Company was important because it was the first multinational corporation ever created. This company is credited with being the first to provide stocks.

Who from dutch?

Who from Dutch West India company bought the land of Manhattan

What were the accomplishments of the Dutch West India Company?

The Dutch West India Company had many accomplishments including the Dutch colonization of the Americas. They were also instrumental in building a fortress along the Gold Coast in present-day Ghana. The Dutch West India Company established colonies in the West Indies, including Aruba, Curacao, and Saint Martin.

Is the dutch west India company in England?


What company in charge of new Netherlands?

The Dutch West India Company.

The joint-stock company settled the Middle Colonies?

Dutch West India Company Possibly the East India Company; they were pretty prominent during that era as well, and were also supported by the English Parliament

In what year did the Dutch Company of the West Indies take control of trade in North America?

1625 when the Dutch West India Company was organized.

When was Danish West India Company created?

Danish West India Company was created in 1671.