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The first Federal Income tax was collected in 1862.

It was to help pay the cost of the United States Civil War.

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Q: When was federal income tax first collected?
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How much federal income tax was collected in 2006?

2 trillion

What is the order by which individuals have their federal income tax collected?

First Step Paycheck Withholding Tax Return Filling Tax Payment or Refund LAst Step <APEX>

By what process is federal income tax collected?

Believe it or not the federal income tax system is a voluntary system. The government relies on employers sending in employee withholdings, and taxpayers sending in estimated payments.

What federal tax was first put into effect during the civil war?

federal income tax

Percentage to pay in federal income tax?

You do not have a set percentage amount that each taxpayer would pay annually in taxes. The tax bracket percentage amounts change for each taxpayers amount of taxable income that they end up having to use to determine the correct amount of their federal income tax liability after the federal income tax return is completed correctly down to the line on the 1040 federal income tax return that says taxable income. Then you would know the amount of your federal income liability for the year and would be able to determine your percent that is being collected from you from your income for the tax year.

Under what circumstances was the first federal income tax levied?

the U.S. Congress adopted the first federal income tax in 1861 to help finance the Civil War.

Why was the first income tax made?

The first federal statutes imposing the legal obligation to pay a federal income tax were adopted by Congress in 1861 and 1862 to pay for the Civil War.

Who can take your federal income tax?

federal income tax people

How much federal income tax was collected in 2008?

Everything you want for this type of data and more:

Why was the 16th amendment important?

it allows the federal government to tax people income directly, "income tax".

The federal personal income tax is an example of which kind of tax?

The federal personal income tax is an example of progressive tax.

Similarities between state income tax and federal income tax?

The taxable amounts of the income from each income tax return will be taxed at the tax rates for the state and for the federal.