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Q: When was the first US census completed?
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When did census begin in the us?

The first US census was in 1790.

Who are the US president during the first census?

The first US census was made in 1790 under President George Washington.

In what year was the first US census taken?

The first national census of the United States of America was in the year 1790. It has since been completed every ten years; but not until the 1850 census did the census-takers ask the names of every member of the household. Up until then, they only asked the name of the head of household and the number of inhabitants.

How often is a census taken in Texas?

I do not believe that the State of Texas conducts statewide censuses. The US federal government has a Constitutional requirement for a decennial census of the entire nation. The first was performed in 1790, and the most recent was completed in 2010.

What was the first president to see the first census form?

Thomas Jefferson was the president when the first US census was made.

What were the main points discovered in the last US census?

The last US census carried out in 2010 was the 23rd US census to have been carried out. The census found that the population of the US was 308,745,538. This was the first census to record a population of more than 300 million.

When is the census completed?

Yes, they exist.

What percentage of people in the US live to be 100?

There were over 50,000 according to the last census, which was in the year 2000. The 2010 census is still being completed and I am sure the number will drastically change then.

What is Minneapolis census 2009?

There was no official census in 2009. The Minneapolis census will be completed in 2010. See related links for schedule.

What year was the first mosque built in the US?

The first mosque in the US was built after the first world world war in year and was completed in year 1934.

Was the census conducted in 1931 and multiples of 10?

The first US Census was conducted in 1790 and every ten years thereafter.

Is the 2010 census a worldwide census?

There never has been a worldwide census. The census in the US that was conducted in 2010 was a census of people living in the US and its possessions.