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Q: When was the first state prison in the us created?
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What institution is known as the first state prison in the us?

Rykers island``

How much do prison workers make?

In the US it depends on the state in which the prison is located. Whether it is a state or federal prison. And, what type of job.

Which was the first US state to be created from the Northwest Territory?


Who is in charge of the prison systems?

(in the US) The state governments are in charge of their respective state prison systems, the federal government is in charge of the federal prison system.

What was the first Supermax prison in the US?


When was The State of Us created?

The State of Us was created on 2007-04-22.

Who does the warden answer to in a prison?

By and large, the warden of a prison is God. He may answer to some degree to the state department of corrections, but only the state police and US Marshall service have any real power over him or his prison.

How many State and Federal Prison's are there in the us?

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Are there States that do not have a state prisons?

No. All US states operate their own prison system.

Where was first prison in US?

Old Newgate Prison in East Granby, Connecticut. Established in 1705, originally as a copper mine. Turned to a prison in 1775. Closed in 1827.

What the name of a us prison?

The largest maximum security prision in America is the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

What was the first state ever found in the US?

The "First State " of the US is thought to be Delaware, because it was the first state that ratiied the new US Constitution. Delaware's state motto is "The First State."