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The struggle for women's suffrage in Britain may be said to have begun in 1851 when the Sheffield Female Political Association formally submitted a petition to the House of Lords to allow women the right to vote. It wasn't until 1928, however, that women in that country were given the same right to vote as men (over the age of 21) with the passing of the Representation of the People Act of 1928. Therefore, it may be said that the British suffragette campaign for the right to vote lasted approximately 77 years.[1]

[1] Details gleaned primarily from the Wikipedia entry for "Women's suffrage in the United Kingdom," <> (accessed December 9, 2008).

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At about the turn of the 19th to the 20th century

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Q: When were the suffragettes campaigning women to vote?
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What did the suffragettes protest about?

They were campaigning for women's suffrage (hence the name) - suffrage is the right to vote in elections.

Why were the suffragettes not allowed to vote?

Suffragettes alone weren't allowed to vote, all women could not vote. Suffragettes were only women who were protesting the lack of the right to vote.

What did women gain the right to vote?

The Suffragettes

What did the suffragettes vote for?

Suffragettes passed on the suffragette movement as that time women were not allowed to vote in parliament. The suffragette movement was to allow women to vote in parliament.

How did people join the suffragettes?

While there were societies and associationsof suffragettes, suffragettes were simply women who actively supported granting women the vote. To join was simply to do.

How are suffragettes better than suffragists?

The suffragettes (female) did not have the right to vote (prior to the enactment of the 19th amendment). Men (including minorities) did have the right to vote. By the early 1900s, women were still being excluded from this right, however.

What was the name of women who struggled to vote?

Suffragettes. The movement was called "Women's Suffrage".

What did the suffer jets do?

Suffragettes fought for the right for women to vote.

What were women who supported the right to vote called?

In Britain they were Suffragettes, led by Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst &amp; her daughters, Sylvia &amp; Christobel.

People who fought for the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment were called?

They were called suffragettes. == == == ==

How old do suffragettes have to be to vote?

when women got the vote after WW1 they had to be married and over thirty years old.

Why the suffragettes formed?

so that women could win the right to vote! (The term for the right to vote is "suffrage".)