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You have to register as independent, democratic, or republican. You can't leave the party affiliation blank. If you want to register a third party you can too, but without a democratic or republican registration you can't vote in the primaries.

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Q: When you are registered to vote and you do not choose a party delegation you are considered independent. True or false?
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If registered independent American party can I vote republican in the general election?

Your party registration has nothing to do with how you vote. You can vote for anyone you like in a general election, no matter what.That said, I personally would urge you to consider voting Democrat instead, but obviously you can choose to vote Republican if you choose.

Can U.s. citizens be in any political party?

Yes, U.S. Citizens are not required to be a part of any political party. They can choose to participate in one or act as an Independent. Citizens may choose to vote for any candidate (or write in their own) even if they have declared themselves to be part or a member of a particular party.

What can be considered a structural way to limit government?

The most basic way to limit government is through the voting process. The guaranteed right to choose representatives, through the election process, limits government.

If you are a Republican Can you vote democratic in the primary and main Presidential election?

Yes. The purpose of the primary election is to choose the nominees for the election in November. (However, if you move during the time between the two elections, you need to be sure that you are registered to vote at your new address. )

Did the declaration of independence talk about the role of government?

Not really. The declaration talked about who had a right to govern. It did not dispute the need for government, but justified the right to be independent of the rule of the English king and the right of the people to choose their government. It attacked the idea that people like King George had to right to rule because of their royal birth.

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Certainly you can and you should if you are registered . This not a primary but the election to choose congressmen in all districts and senators in some states as well as state issues of varying kinds.

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What type of primary may voters choose only candidates from the party with which they are registered?

closed primary

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