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The British arrived in Fort Hill on March 1775(12,000 British troops)

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Q: Where did the British land when they arrived in March 1775?
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What issues affect the western territories between 1775 and1787?

the issues that affected the western territories between 1775 and 1787 is that the western land owed debt to the national government

British American land claims in 1815?

The British American land claims of 1815 were claims acted uppon the fact that the United states had taken it's independence from the British government and brittain had to take some land. so they took Canada

How did the british government assist the loyalists to settle in Canada?

After the American Revolution, the British government helped loyalists to settle in Canada. The British government offered them Canadian land in exchange for their service.

What where the the two sides in the debate over British taxation of the colonies?

the British and the Indians America's over the control of the 13 colonies and to gain more land

Why did the US win the revolution in 1775?

There are several reasons why the Americans were able to win their freedom in the Revolutionary War. One big reason is that the war was unpopular in Britain . The Colonists had gained a lot of sympathy with the British parliament before the war started. Further, the war was expensive and the British were also fighting in India at the same time. Some of the soldiers on the British side were German mercenaries who were happy to desert in exchange for land. The Americans also got help from France and Spain, primarily on the high seas. Another important fact is the Americans were fighting at home where as the British had to travel some 4000 miles in small sailing vessels to get to America. Many had friends and relatives in America and no real incentive to fight Americans. They had little to lose if they surrendered and went back home or settled on their own land in America.

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Did the british land when they arrived in march 1775?

The British arrived in Fort Hill on March 1775(12,000 British troops)

What year did Transylvania land company buy Cherokee land?

In March 1775 the Transylvania Land Company (Also known as the Transylvania Colony) purchased land from the Cherokee in that area.

Why did British have better colonies?

They arrived first and they had a larger amount of land then other colonies.

What day does April 18 1775 land on?

The 18th of April 1775 fell on a Tuesday.

Was Australia a democratic country when the British arrived?

No. Australia was not even a country when the British first arrived. The first people to inhabit the land were the indigenous people now known as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. They did not practice democracy, but had an essentially patriarchal society, although the rules were made by the women.

When did Charles Lindbergh land in Paris?

Charles Lindbergh took off on March 20, 1927, and arrived that same day. He arrived on May 21,1927, having traveled 2, 610 miles in 33 1/2 hours.

What was the land like when they arrived?

manley it was blank felids of land

How did American Indians' attitudes about land change after the European's arrived?

how did american indians attitudes about land use change after the europens arrived

When was British Land created?

British Land was created in 1856.

What was soap made out of in 1775 after the british owned new netherland when the duke of york came to new netherland and took over the 18 miles of land surrounding the Hudson river.?

Soap is made of animal or vegie fat.

How did the British empire lose land?

Why did The British Empire lose their land?

How did American Indians attitudes about land use change after the europeans arrived?

They already had rivalries over land and resources