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We the People is where government gets its power.

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Q: Where from what or whom does government get its authority to rule?
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From whom does the civil government receive its authority?

Civil government in the United States received its authority from the people through the Constitution.

What option would best summarizes what is expected of citizens in a democracy?

To obey and support the government without question

The method of colonial government in which local rulers maintain their authority is called?

Indirect rule

What type of government are there?

The general types, listed here by the source of their authority, include:Autocracy (Rule of one)Oligarchy (Rule of few)Anarchy (No government)Anarchism (Rule by consent)SocialismFascism (Totalitarian, single-party)Democracy (Rule of the people)Republic (Rule of law)

A sentence using the word caliph?

A good caliph in the Muslim government needs to rule with authority.

What does mean prefix archy?

The prefix "archy" means "rule" or "government." It is commonly used in words related to types of government or systems of authority.

What best describes the form of government called democracy?

The authority to govern comes from the people. A+

What is the difference between oligarchy and autocratic form of a government?

An Oligarchy is government by a few or a dominant class. An Autocratic rule is a despotic rule, a person who claims absolute authority, self ruling and alone.

What are the administrative units in the government made up of?

The administrative units of the government are the government entities that has the authority to affect the rights of others. The administrative units of government are responsible for rule making.

What does oligarchic means?

It means a small group of people who rule a country. This type of government is usually not elected, and they have total authority to make any decision they want.

What is the same as government?

Authority; legislation; establishment; parliament; hierarchy; rule; law; Big Brother; Uncle Sam; etc!!

A structured established rule by authority?

A structured, established rule by some 'authority' is likely a state.