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John Tyler was a life-long resident of Virginia and held office there.

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John Tyler represented Virgina

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Q: Where was John Tyler elected from?
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What state John Tyler resided in when he was elected?

John Tyler was a resident of Virginia when he was elected U.S. Vice President.

Where is President John Tyler from?

John Tyler was the last president elected from the state of Virginia.

What state was John Tyler elected to office from?

John Tyler lived his whole life in Virginia.

What about John Tyler?

john tyler was the 10th president of the united states and was elected 1842-1845.

What job did John Tyler have?

john Tyler was a successful lawyer. in 1811 he was elected to the house delegates which started his political career. - john Tyler book

What was John Tyler elected as in 1841?

Nothing. John Tyler was technically elected in 1840 to become the Vice President. However, after William Henry Harrison's death a month into the presidency, Tyler became the 10th President of the United States.

What president was elected to the confederate house of representatives after serving as president?

John Tyler was elected to the Confederate House.

Who was the first president to be elected without even being elected?

The answer is John Tyler following the death of William Harrison

Who was elected vice president in 1840?

John Tyler was the vice-president elected in 1840, The slogan Tippecanoe and Tyler too became famous. "Tippecanoe" was Harrison who died after a month in office so Tyler became president.

Which man was never elected president of the US Andrew Jackson John Tyler John Quincy Adams or James Monroe?

John Tyler was only elected to be Vice President of the United States and became the President when William Henry Harrison died while in office.

Was John tyler elected president?

He was not. Tyler was VP under William Harrison, who died all of one month after becoming President.

Who was the first president to take office following the death of an elected president?

John Tyler