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plymouth is the 100 persent true answer i swear

The community did not write that

someone else did

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Plymouth. Plymouth is the answer.

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Q: Where were the british marching to whenthe battle of lexington took place?
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. The Battle of Lexington took place as the British army was marching on its way to towns?

The Battle of Lexington took place as the British army was marching on its way to which of the following towns?

What came first the British marching secretly to Concord or the Battle of Lexington?

The battle of Lexington. Indeed the British troops engaged at Lexington were the same who had to carry on the march to Concord.

Who won the Lexington battle?

the british won the lexington battle

Where was the first battle of the Revolutionary War fought?

The first battle of the American revolutionary war was in Lexington, MA and then the British went to Concord hoping to find ammunition

What are the release dates for British Infantry Marching to Battle - 1900?

British Infantry Marching to Battle - 1900 was released on: USA: March 1900

What happend at the battle of Lexington?

the British wanted to take control of lexington

Was there a battle at Lexington during the revolutionary war?

The British Regulars won the battle Of Lexington at the beginning of the war.

What was the british after the battle of lexington?

They were kind of happy

Which people were in the battle of Lexington?

The British and Patriots.

Why is the battle at Lexington and concord important?

first battle of the people and the british

Where british troops battle colonial minutemen after the battle at lexington?


What happened April 18 1775?

On April 19, 1775, American soldiers exchanged gun fire with British soldiers in the Massachusetts towns of Lexington and Concord ... These shots would soon become the first of the American Revolutionary War ...