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They were actually marching to Concord, but Lexington was on the way. They wanted to get from Boston to Concord MA to seize the ammunition stored there, so the colonial militia wouldn't use it against the British. In that time, there were really only a few routes from Boston to Concord because everything was forest or farmland. The route ran through Lexington, and the militia there were alerted to the British approach, so they came out to delay the British from getting to Concord. This delay, which became the "Shot Heard Round the World" when a skirmish broke out, gave the Concord militia enough time to remove a lot of ammunition and gave revolutionary leaders time to escape capture. The "battle" on Lexington Green was the first actual battle of the American Revolution.

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Q: For What Reason were the British Marching to Lexington?
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. The Battle of Lexington took place as the British army was marching on its way to towns?

The Battle of Lexington took place as the British army was marching on its way to which of the following towns?

What came first the British marching secretly to Concord or the Battle of Lexington?

The battle of Lexington. Indeed the British troops engaged at Lexington were the same who had to carry on the march to Concord.

Who rode to warm Lexington and Concord that the british were marching their way?

Paul Revere

Who was the American hero who warned the minuteman that the british were marching out of Boston to lexington and concord?

Paul Revere

Why were the british easy targets marching from lexington to concord?

because it was only a 20 mile walk

What American hero warned the minutemen that the British were marching out of Boston toward Lexington and Concord?

Paul Revere

A Boston patriot paul who rode to warn lexington and concord that the british were marching their way?

Paul Revere

Why were the british marching toward lexington and concord?

Trade between the Early U.S. and Britain was banned, therefore, the troops attacked early U.S. as a punishment.

On April 18 1775 what did Dr Joseph Warner's want Paul Revere to do?

ride to Lexington to warn Hancock and Adams that the British troops were marching to arrest them

Where were the british marching to whenthe battle of lexington took place?

plymouth is the 100 persent true answer i swear The community did not write that someone else did

What happened April 18 1775?

On April 19, 1775, American soldiers exchanged gun fire with British soldiers in the Massachusetts towns of Lexington and Concord ... These shots would soon become the first of the American Revolutionary War ...

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After Lexington, the British went to Concord, Massachusetts.