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amendment 20

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Q: Which amendment gives congress the power to choose the president and vice president if they die before the inauguration?
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Why is the 25th amendment important?

It prevents presidents and congress members from trying to pull power when they aren't technically in office by shortening the "lame duck" time between election and inauguration. Inauguration used to be March 4 for both but now it's January 3 for Congress and Jan. 20 for president

When did the president of the us stop taking office in march?

The president of the United States stopped taking office in March with the ratification of the 20th Amendment to the Constitution in 1933. Before that, the presidential inauguration used to take place on March 4th. The 20th Amendment changed the inauguration date to January 20th.

What did the 20th amendment say?

Essentially, what it did was it moved the inauguration date forward. It put a stop to "lame duck" sessions of Congress by advancing the dates for the President's inauguration to January 20 from March 4th.

What is president called before inauguration?

President Elect

When does the inauguration take place before 1937?

The 20th Amendment to the US Constitution changed the inauguration date from 4 March to 20 January. FDR, for his second term, was the first US President to be inaugurated on the 20th of January.

When was Amendment VI brought before Congress?

it was brought before congress in 1791

When congress passes a joint resolution proposing an amendment must this be signed by the president before sending it to the states for ratification?


Do you have to go through the inauguration before becoming president?

The president must take the oath before he can be president. The rest of the inauguration ceremonies are not legally required but they are expected and demanded by custom and for political reasons.

What amendment covers presidential succession?

20 amendment There have been no Amendments altering Presidential Succession after the Vice President. That is set by Act of Congress. The only Amendments affecting Presidential Succession are the 20th, which provides for the Vice-President-elect to become President should a President-elect die before inauguration, and the 25th, which allows a new Vice-President to be appointed should that office fall vacant.The presidential succession Act of 1947

Which president began attending church before the inauguration?

Franklyn Roosevelt. Heard this on the Today Show on Inauguration Day.

Was a constitutional amendment necessary before congress could impose a tax on income?

No. A constitutional amendment was necessary before congress could impose a tax on property.

Did 'lincoln become senator before he became president?

no he was in congress for 2 years before he became president no he was in congress for 2 years before he became president