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Leonardo da vinci because he is a famous inventor and he is smart and popular

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Q: Which artist would you rather have met in real life Michelngelo or Leonardo da Vinci?
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Which Renaissance artist painted the mona Lisa and the last supper?

Leonardo da Vinci is the artist who painted the works above.

Where did Leonardo da Vinci an artist from?

Vinci, Italy

What famous artist was also a great mathmatition and an inventor?

Leonardo da Vinci =) It's already in the category I believe.

Is Leonardo di vinci a modern artist?


What did Leonardo da Vinci do for a life?

He is an artist!

Was Leonardo da Vinci a arist or a plotition?

Leonardo was an artist and a scientist.

Is Leonardo de vinci a scienctist?

Yes, Leonardo de Vinci is a scientist, he is also a sculptor, artist, and engineer.

What did Leonardo da Vinci work as?

He worked as an artist.

When did Leonardo da Vinci become an artist?


Who is Mona Lisa artist?

Leonardo de Vinci

Was Leonardo da Vinci an anatomist or an artist?


Was Leonardo de vinci a famous artist?