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Local governments have a lot of branches. They have judicial (courts), executive (mayors), and legislative (board/council) branches just like the federal government, and then they have many departments that mirror the federal agencies. Many local governments will have a Power Authority or a Department of Transportation, which technically could be called executive as they implement regulations, but it's easiest to think of them as separate agencies responsible for a set of duties. Other agencies deal with public safety, social services, and education, so there's quite a variety. For more information on local government spending, revenue, and employment, check out (state & county data is free).

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The local government is responsible for enforcing and carrying out local laws. The three branches of federal government are not involved.

Added: (in the US) every local government is a microcosm of the federal government. They, too, are divided into three branches. The town or county council is the Legistlative Branch in that they introduce, consider, and pass local laws and ordnances to govern their individual local jurisdictions - the municipal Mayor or County Administrator represents the Executive Branch - and the municipal or county level courts represent the Judicial Branch.

Agencies of the local government under the control of the Mayor or County Administrator (Executive Branch) carry out the enforcement of local laws and those state laws they are also empowered to enforce.

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Q: Which branch of government provides for the local government?
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