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Q: Which country makes the most movies per year?
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Will Disney be making any more non-Pixar movies?

Disney makes most of their movies without Pixar. About once a year they release a movie with Pixar.

How many movie stars are in India?

You'll never know for Bollywood produces more than 4000 movies a year on average...Hollywood only makes about 500 movies a you do the math. No other country make more movies than India

What country produce more movies than any other?

India makes the most movies. it has numerous film industries like Bollywood and Tollywood and the South Indian film industry, which when combined makes the most movies in the world. Bollywood itself has the most releases in a particular year in comparison to all countries.

Which country makes the most pens?

China makes the most amount of pens in a year. China can produce a great amount of pens because there is cheap labor in the country and raw materials can be sourced easily.

What country releases more number of movies per year?

India, around 450 full length movies per year

What is the country with more than 1000 movies each year?

India, bollywood

What are the most popular Christmas movies?

Christmas of which year?

How Much Does Kareena Kapoor Earn In A Year?

It depends on how many movies she is in and if the movies are good than for each movie she makes 10000000 rupees

Which country makes the most profit for Sodexho?

Sodexo is one of the largest and most profitable food service companies, clearing $1 billion dollars in one year. France makes the most profit for Sodexo. After all, this company was founded in Marseilles, France.

What was the most popular movie for 1995?

"The Usual Suspects" was one of the most popular movies that year.

What famous movies were released in 1945?

1945 was a year of great movies to be released. Some of the highest ranking movies include The Bells of St. Mary's, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Scarlett Street, Dead of Night and The Clock. These movies are in the most popular of that year.

What country produces the most pasta?

The united states makes by far the most cheese a year, at over 4,ooo metric tons a year. the usa makes over twice that of the second biggest cheese producer, germany, which makes almost 2000 metric tons a year.