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Ancient Greece

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Q: Which country started democracy?
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What country was planet earth's first democratic republic?

Democracy is started in Greek, Athen Democracy is started in Greek, Athen

Modern democracy started in first in which country?

In Greece.

What country is democracy?

America is an example of a democratic country

Who is the owner of democracy?

The people of that country which is following the democracy are the real owners of the democracy of that country.

Was greece the first country?

Yes, the term democracy comes from a Greek word meaning popular government. Democracy started in several Greek cities, notably Athens, around 500BC

What is the differences between Jacksonian and Jacksonian democracy?

jacksonian democracy moved away from jeffersonian democracy. also Andrew Jackson started jacksonian democracy while thomas Jefferson started jeffersonian democracy. ^^^^^^ bull ***t answer ^^^^^^

What contributions corazon Aquino?

she restored the democracy to the country

Where was democracy started?


Which type of democracy do we have in this country?

Representative democracy

What started earlier greek democracy or alexanders death?

democracy was first because in 500 BC democracy started and Alexander the Great died in 331 BC

What did the colonists think of a monarchy?

they thought that it was unfair so they started a democracy they thought that it was unfair so they started a democracy

When did Australia start being a Democracy?

Democracy started in australia in 1901