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Totalitarianism, communism, socialism, marxism

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Q: Which government is known for the elimination of personal freedom?
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Americans often speak of their rights and these include the freedom of speech freedom of assembly and freedom of the press these freedoms are known as our?

personal liberties

Difficult delayed elimination of feces?

Difficult, delayed elimination of feces is known as constipation.

Why did many delegates insist on putting ten amendments to the constitution after it was ratified?

The ten amendments, also known as the Bill of Rights, were applied to the constituion to appease the Anti-Federalists (otherwise known as the Democratic Republicans) because they were worried about a loss of personal freedom due to a large, powerful central government.

When was Freedom from the Known created?

Freedom from the Known was created in 1969.

How many pages does Freedom from the Known have?

"Freedom from the Known" by Jiddu Krishnamurti has approximately 120 pages.

What are the five rights known as the freedom of expression rights?

The five basic rights are known as... # Freedom of Speech # Freedom of Press # Freedom of Assembly # Freedom of Religion # Freedom of Petition

A region dominated but not directly ruled by foreign nation is known as a?

pectoral elimination

What characterizes a democratic government?

The separation of powers and free elections are what characterizes the Democratic government. The freedom to choose governments is an important factor in this type of government. Also, an important point is known as freedom of assembly.

Freedom of speech freedom of religion and other freedoms Americans see as their rights are known as liberties?

Yes, liberties refer to the fundamental rights and freedoms that individuals possess, such as freedom of speech and religion. These liberties are protected by the Constitution and play a significant role in shaping American society.

Which foods are important for the elimination of waste products?

Non-digestible carbohydrates known as fiber.

Which form of government where the leadership have little or no control over the populace?

A form of government where leadership has little or no control over the populace is often referred to as a "laissez-faire" or "hands-off" government. In this system, minimal interference or regulation is imposed by the governing authority on the citizens' activities, allowing for individual freedom and autonomy. While this approach promotes personal liberty and limited government intervention, it can also lead to challenges in maintaining social order and addressing collective needs without centralized direction or governance.

What are colonial Americans known for?

they were known for wanting religious freedom