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Q: Which historical document gave control of trade and printing money to the original thirteen states?
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What states was not of the original thirteen colonies?

Maine was not one of the original thirteen colonies.

What states was not one of the original thirteen?

Maine was not one of the original thirteen colonies.

Where in the thirteen colonies have printing presses?

rhode island

What individual problems did the original 13 colonies face?

The Thirteen original colonies had a number of problems. First was currency, as a colony they used British currency. During the war, the printed Continental currency to pay for the war. However, after the war, states began printing their own currency, causing confusion and inconsistency. The Constitution moved to stop states from printing their own currency and coinage. Sovereign power to the Thirteen Original Colonies led to confusion, demagoguery, and inconsistencies, this is why the Articles of Confederation failed. There was no presiding power that could regulate trade between the original colonies, or their trade to foreign countries. There was no system of settling disputes between the Thirteen Original Colonies. There was no power to tax the states or people to support the new government, and the Thirteen Original Colonies had dissolved into complete economic disorganization.

What did the thirteen stripes represent?

The Original Thirteen Colonies

What is sentence using the word thirteen original colonies?

I'm not certain whether or not Pennsylvania was one of the thirteen original colonies. The thirteen original colonies had their own flag. America's thirteen original colonies are to be found along the eastern seaboard of the North American continent.

What document was written to unify the thirteen states?


What was the mother country of the thirteen original colonies?

The mother country of the thirteen original colonies was Great Britain.

What were the thirteen original states known as?

The 13 Original Colonies?

How can you show the map of thirteen original colonies?

type in thirteen colonies in google

Slaves were held in all thirteen of the original colonies?

Slaves were held in all thirteen of the original colonies. Or True.

What do the strpis represents on the American flag?

The thirteen stripes represent the original thirteen colonies.