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the internet and satellite radio

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Q: Which of these media platforms are NOT regulated by the federal government?
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Who regulated the broadcast media?

Federal Communications Commissions Regulate the broadcast media

Should media is self regulated or regulated by Legislation?

Media should be a mix of self-regulation and regulation by legislation. Self-regulation allows for industry accountability and flexibility, while legislation helps establish clear guidelines and protect against abuse or misconduct. Striking the right balance between the two can promote responsible journalism while upholding freedom of the press.

Does the national media play the role of watchdog over the federal government?


What are the factors affecting commerce?

Social attitude, Government and its policies, regulated financial system what type of negative effect does social media have on girls

Why are the broadcast media more strictly regulated than the print media?

Broadcast media is much more strictly regulated than print media. This is an attempt to keep children from seeing the horrific things that are going on in the world.

Why are broadcast media more strictly regulated than the print media?

The broadcast media are more regulated than print media because of the frequency. The frequency signal interferes with each other unlike print media, which doesn't have to worry about frequency signals.

What are two ways the federal government can manage broadcast media?

the airwaves availible for radio and tv broadcasting are limited, the government decides who can use them.

Diffenences between controlled media and uncontrolled media?

Controlled media ismedia that you as a pr consultant will ditribute to your publics, whereas uncontrolled is press releases or news events overwhich you have no control.

Why does the federal government have more power to regulate the broadcast media than the print media?

If government officials tell lies, hold secret meetings, or try to limit reporters' access to information in other ways, the media may not be able to provide the information citizens need.

How can i make money using social media platforms?

You can make $100-$500 daily from home using social media by leveraging platforms like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling products, offering social media management services, and creating and selling digital content. Explore these 5 platforms to make money from social media effectively. Facebook Instagram TikTok YouTube Twitch

Do you capitalize The Media in a sentence?

Yes, "The Media" is typically capitalized when referring to the collective entity of news organizations and communication platforms.


professional website and active participation in relevant social media platforms.