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Q: Which of these was not related to the Allied island-hopping strategy?
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What was the two-front allied strategy used to defeat Hitler?

"Europe First" strategy

The allied strategy in the pacific was known as?

Leyte Gulf

Where was the site of the allied war strategy meeting?


What term was described the allied war strategy of the war in the pacific?

"Island-Hopping" .

Which Allied Military strategy led to the liberation of France?

island hopping in the pacific

Describe the allied strategy in the pacific?

To by pass the islands and not fight for every island

Allied strategy battle of the bulge?

The Allied Forces did not have a strategy until after they were attacked because the Generals did not believe there was a major offensive going on in the Ardennes. This was to their peril. Since I am not a military strategist and do not know the military lingo I am sending you to some links to help you understand how the Germans and the Allied Forces fought the battle.

Allied strategy of taking important to cut off Japanese troops?

Island Hopping

The Allied strategy against the Japanese was best described as?

'Island Hopping'

What was the Allied strategy at the beginning of World War 2?

Island hopping. (In NovaNET: "leap frogging")

The strategy of island hopping in the pacific involved allied attacks on?

Only islands that were not well defended.

What was the allied strategy behind parachuting troops into France?

Opening a third front (Front, Flank, and Rear).