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Naacp :d

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Q: Which organization led the fight for equal rights and education?
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What is the Hispanic American Alliance?

organization formed to protect and fight for the rights of Spanish Americans.

How does Abdul kalam fight for equal rights?

First of all the youth should fight for equal rights for all the citizens. Even now, there are lots of people who do not get equal rights.

How does APJ Kalam fight for equal rights?

it is nothing........

Did people fight for equal rights only in the US?


What group helped African Americans fight for equal rights?

The group CRM (Civil Rights Movement) helped gain rights for Blacks. This organization was formed when Blacks started standing up for themselves and showing the world that they deserved to be equal with whites.

how did martin Luther king fight to get equal rights for everyone?

he used mental and phiscal

3 groups of people that have had to fight for equal rights?

women, latinos, and African Americans

Who motivated Cesar chavez to fight for the rights of farm workers?

yes Cesar Chavez did fight for farm workers equal rights that was his main thing he was focused on so that made him so famous

Why is there a need to study the legal basis of education?

in order to know the rights and privileges of of individuals specially in the education department. teachers are sometimes harass by parents of their students and also their superiors.we need to know when to fight for our rights

Who was a militant political organization set up in the US in 1966 to fight for black rights?

Black panthers

What rights did women fight for in the 1800s?

There were many things women fought for in the 1800's. These included the right to vote, equal education opportunities, the right to work in men's jobs, equal pay for equal work, the right to have full control over their own earned money, the right to have control over their property if they were not married, and the right to sit on juries,

Which is World's oldest human rights organization?

International Federation for Human Rights is the oldest international human rights organization. established in 1922.However, the oldest regional human rights organization is Anti-Slavery International.It was responsible for the abolition of slavery within the British Empire in 1833 and was set up in its present form in 1839 to carry the fight to other parts of the world.