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Abraham Lincoln was in Ford's Theater when he was assassinated. President Reagan was also in Ford's Theater shortly before John Hinkley's assassination attempt on him.

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Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed at Ford's Theater in Washington while he was attending a play there.

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Q: Which president was in Ford's theater?
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What theater was President Lincoln assassinated?

I think it was Ford theatre but i'm not sure

Where was president Lincoln when he died?

Abraham Lincoln was the president when he died.

Are people allowed to visit president Lincolns booth in fords theater?


What happend at fords theater?

John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln.

Who was assassinated by Fords theatre?

President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford's Theater.

Where did John Wilkes Booth shoot President Abraham Lincoln?

Fords Theater

Where was president Lincoln assasinated?

Ford's Theater, Washington, D.C.Washington D.C. at fords theatre

What booth was not welcome at fords theater?

John Wilkes Booth was not welcome at Fords Theater.

Where is Fords national theater located?

Answer Ford's Theater, where President Lincoln was shot, is located in Washington DC, within a few blocks of the White House.

Who is fords theater?

it is not a person it is a theater in washington d.c.

What is the historical significance of the assassination of President Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Fords Theater by John Wilkes Booth.

What is one interesting fact about aberaham Lincoln?

he never died in fords theater, he died across the street from fords theater