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The father of John Adams made some shoes in the winter. He also did a lot of other things to earn money. US Grant's father dealt in leather goods, but I do not think he personally made any shoes.

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Abraham Lincoln

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Q: Which us presidents father was a cobbler?
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What is it called when a a son and father are both president of 5 the us?

there is not a name for it but there are many father and sons have been presidents of the us

Who are the father and son that are presidents from Massachusetts?

John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams were US presidents from Mass.

How many father and sons combs have been presidents of US?


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one of the presidents that were raisded with sheeps were barack obama. him and his father raised them together

Was Abraham Lincoln's father a cobbler?

Abraham Lincoln's father, Thomas Lincoln (1778-1851), was a farmer. At other times in his life he worked as a carpenter, prison guard, and hired hand. He was not a cobbler.

John Adams and John Quincy Adams were both what?

Father and son, and Presidents of the US.

How many presidents named Bush has the US had?

Two and they were father and son. George and George.

What job did Joseph stalins father have?

A cobbler, meaning a shoe maker.

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John F. Kennedy's father, Joe Kennedy, was once the ambassador for the USA in the UK.

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The only member of a father and son combination to be elected twice was the son, George W. Bush. The father, George H.W. Bush as well as both Adamses were one-term presidents.

What are the surnames of the only 2 father and son pairs of US presidents?

"Bush" is one; "Adams" is the other.

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