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The Senate (Legislative branch) votes to confirm or reject the Presidents' (Executive branch) US Supreme Court (Judicial branch) nominees. Approval requires a simple majority of the Senators voting, unless a Senator attempts to block the vote by filibuster, in which case a three-fifths (60) vote is required to end the filibuster. under current Senate rules.

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The justices vote whether to hear a case using the "rule of four." If any four justices is interested in a case petitioned to the court, they will put it on the docket.

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the president does

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No one

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Q: Who approves Supreme Court cases?
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Who approves a nominate to the you s supreme court?

Congress has to approve the US Supreme Court nominees.

Who approves Supreme Court nominee?

us senate

Who in the US approves appointments to supreme court?


Who approves the nominee to the US Supreme Court?

us senate

Which house of congress approves the appointments to the supreme court?

the Senate

Who approves the appointment supreme court justices?

The US president appoints the justice and the US Senate approves the appointment.

Where do the US Supreme Court justices hear cases?

The Supreme Court justices hear cases in the courtroom of the Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC.

How does the supreme court depend on executive branch?

The president (executive branch) nominates judges to the Supreme Court. If the Congress approves the nomination, the nominee becomes a member of the Supreme Court. So, the Supreme Court depends on the executive for its members.

Who is able to appoint a candidate to the supreme court?

The president appoints, and the senate approves.

Supreme court only hears cases of?

The Supreme Court hears cases which are on final appeal. The Supreme Court also hears cases relating to national elections.

Which court hears cases that have national significance?

Supreme Court of the United States

If the US President approves a law does it go to US Supreme Court?

No, the Supreme Court has no part of the law making process. If someone challenges the validity of a law, it may end up in the Supreme Court.