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This group is called the electoral college; its members are called electors and the votes it casts are called electoral votes.

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The electoral college picks the president and vice presidency.

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Electors, or the Electoral College

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The Electoral College

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Q: Who are the group of people that cast official votes to elect the president called?
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What is president called before inauguration?

President Elect

A democracy in which people elect represntatives to serve them and elect a president as chief executeve is called what?

It would be called a presidential system.

What do you call an elected official before being sworn in?

He is called the blank-elect where blank is the name of the position to which he has just been elected. Examples: president-elect, congressman-elect, etc.

What part do electors play in naming a new president?

The electors are the people who actually elect the president. When the people vote for the president, they are actually choosing the electors who will cast the official votes for president.

Why do people formally elect the president?

the people know what they need and what they want so, they elect their president.

What is the president called before he is sworn in?

He is called the "President-elect."

Who elect the french president?

It is of coarse that the french people elect the french president

What is the new president called until the inauguration?

The New president that gets electaed is called President Elect until they take office which is Jan. 20th. The President that was in office before the new president is called the Formor President. 20th am

Do the people elect the president?


The president is called the President-Elect until what?

Until he/she is sworn in as the President.

The voters who elect the president are called?

They are called Electors

Why is the inauguration on a specific day?

well because that's the official day the president elect becomes president