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The President-Elect.

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Q: What is a person called after he wins a presidential election?
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What are the effects of one person one vote rule on the house and electoral politics in general?

The fact is, the one who gets the most votes wins. This system is called "simple majority election".

Who votes the president and vice president into office?

Electoral votes in the Electoral College determine the President and Vice President of the United States. Every state and DC are awarded a certain number of electoral votes with which to elect the President and Vice President. Each state has electoral votes equal to the total of the 2 representative the state has in the U.S. Senate plus the number of representative the state has in the House of Representatives. The electors in each state are elected in the presidential election and swear in advance to vote for the presidential candidate who wins the election in their state.

What happens if a new candidate wins the presidential election in November but dies before taking office in January?

In this event the newly elected vice-president would take office on Jan. 20 . He would then nominate a new vice-president who would have to be approved by Congress in order to take office.

Who elects the President of the United States?

Formally the president is elected by a group of electors selected from each state and D. C. by their respective parties, called the electoral college. The electors then cast their votes for president and VP in December of an election year; majority wins. Ironically, electors may vote however they choose and are not bound by the results of the general election in November.

If the winner of the popular votes does not win the presidency what happens?

A person legally does not need a single popular vote to win a U.S. Presidential Election. It is up to each state to decide how it determines who gets appointed to the electoral college. For the past 150 years or so, with a few minor exceptions, every state has used the popular vote to make the determination, but if a state were to go back to having the state legislature appoint the electors, while it wouldn't be a popular move, it would be entirely within its rights. In order to win a presidential election, a person must receive votes for president from more than half of the appointed electors. However, if nobody gets that many votes, the electoral vote results matter only as far as determining from among who the House of Representatives will be electing the President.

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When are the uNITED sTATES presidential election debates?

If the person wins the most votes he becomes president

Buchanan wins presidential election?

yes he does

Who are the first people to know who wins the presidential election?


If a presidential candidate wins the primary election can he then use his remaining contributions for use in the general election?

yes he can

The candidate who wins a majority of the popular vote in the presidential election?

does not necessarily win the Presidency the answer is true

Do the electors vote and then they decide who gets the electoral vote for that state?

The electors in each state are elected by the popular vote in the presidential election and swear in advance to vote for the presidential candidate who wins the election in their state.

What happens when a presidential candidate wins the election based on electoral vote but loses the popular vote?

based on what happened in the 2000 election, he (or she) becomes president.

What type of political party rarely wins major elections and has never won a presidential election?

Third Parties

What election is one where the citizens vote for the President?

A presidential election is one where citizens vote for the President. In this type of election, voters directly choose their preferred candidate for the position of President of their country. The candidate who receives the majority of the electoral votes or the popular votes (depending on the country's system) wins the election and becomes the President.

What would happen to the world if John McCain wins the US presidential election?

the world would be devestated because there will be no change

What is plurality elections?

A plurality election means that the person who wins the largest amount of votes wins the election.

A person voting in a primary is actually voting for?

A person voting in a primary is actually voting for the person they want their party to endorse in the election. The person who wins the primary is the parties candidate in the election.