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Q: Who are the people who work directly under the president called?
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The people do not directly elect the president the actual voting occurs in the?

jesuses temple under a dog

What is a room directly under a roof called?

It would be called the "ATTIC".

What is the word when you hiring a relative who works directly under you?

Its called Nepotism,

Who runs the country after the president?

There is really no second in command under the president so far as administering government functions. The heads of all government department directly or indirectly report to the president.

What do you call the people who work directly under the pope?

The Roman Curia.

Which branch of government is directly elected by the people under the original Constitution?

In the United States, citizens vote for their President, Vice-President, Representatives and Senators. The members of the Judicial Branch are selected by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

Why was John Tyler called the accidental president?

He was elected as the vice-president and became the president because the President took sick and died. He was the first president to take office without being elected to the position, and the press of the day called him "His Accidency" throughout his term of office.

Is the president under the judicial branch?

No, he's in what's called the Executive branch.

The person who runs the executive branch for are county is called?

the president It is the president, the cabinet, and departments under the cabinet members.

Is the president elected by congress?

No, the president is not elected by Congress. In the United States, the president is elected through a process known as the Electoral College. Under this system, citizens vote for electors who then cast their votes for the president. Congress does have a role in certifying the election results, but they do not directly elect the president.

What representative are elected by the people in the entire state?

Under the original framework, only members of the House of Representatives were directly elected by the people, with members of the Senate chosen by state legislatures, the President by the Electoral College, and the judiciary by the President and the Senate.

What type of government does Louisiana have?

Louisiana is under Napoleonic Law