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Adam Smith. CAVA

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Q: Who argued that individuals should own and control businesses and make all the decisions about them?
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Who argued that individuals should own and Control businesses and make all the decisions about them.?

Adam Smith. CAVA

Do computer models make business decisions?

It could be argued that computer models are used to make decisions, but it can be further counter-argued that computer models are developed by people and people are the ones who implement recommendations made by computer modeling.

What scientists argued that variation among individuals allow evolution to occur?


What is remote environment analysis?

It is an evaluation of those external factors that have an impact on businesses where these have either little or no control over; it is generally developed out of an initial STEEPLE analysis where all the following factors are considered and argued in relation to certain organization:SocialTechnologicalEconomicEthicalPoliticalLegalEcological

Who believed happiness resulted from using reason?

The philosopher Immanuel Kant believed that happiness resulted from using reason. He argued that individuals should use their rationality to make moral decisions that align with universal principles, ultimately leading to a sense of fulfillment and contentment.

Who does plato believe should fill the role of governing?

Plato believed that a class of philosopher-kings, or guardians, should govern society. He argued that these individuals were the most rational and virtuous and therefore best suited to make decisions for the benefit of the entire community.

What did Hobbes think of people?

Hobbes believed that people are inherently self-interested and driven by a desire for power and control. He argued that in their natural state, individuals live in a constant state of war and conflict due to their selfish nature.

Who argued that the public and workers should own and run the most important and largest businesses in the country?

Eugene debs

What does Socrates mean when he claims that ignorance is vice?

Socrates believed that ignorance leads to moral wrongdoing because it prevents individuals from making informed and rational decisions. He argued that if people truly knew what was right, they would act accordingly, and therefore, ignorance itself is a form of vice.

Who wtote that politics is an attempt to control other people?

Many philosophers and political thinkers have explored the idea that politics involves attempts to control other people. One notable thinker who expressed this view is Friedrich Hayek, who argued that political power inevitably leads to coercion and control over individuals' lives.

Who argued that individuals of all cultures go through the same stages of moral development in the same order?

Lawrence Kohlberg argued that individuals of all cultures go through the same stages of moral development in the same order, with his theory of moral development consisting of six stages that individuals progress through as they mature.

In your opinion What mainly virtues does wollstonecraft want women to imitate?

Wollstonecraft believed that women should imitate the virtues of rationality, independence, and self-reliance. She argued that women should aspire to be educated, autonomous individuals capable of critical thinking and making their own decisions.