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If the president dies then the vice president takes office if the vice president dies then the speaker of office is president

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Q: Who becomes president once the president tdies?
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Who becomes president if both president and vice president tdies?

The country votes for a new president

Who becomes president once a vice president president elect resigns?

President then Vice President then Speaker of the House.

Who decides who becomes the new president if the current president dies?

Once the current president has died then the vice president becomes president. The vice president and president are never near each other no matter whats going on.

Who becomes vice president once he's removed?

Speaker of the House.

Who discharges the duties of the president when the offices of the president and the vice president are vacant?

If the presidency is vacancy. the VP becomes president and and new VP is promptly appointed . If the president and VP both die at once, the Speaker of the House becomes president.

What happens when the president signs a bill?

The president signs a bill after the legisilative branch approves it. The president (executive branch) enforces or carries out a law ( or bill. )

What does Barack Obama plan to do once he becomes president of the US?

Barack Obama IS president of the US and is doing a very great job.

Who becomes president if the president elect is indicted?

Then the vice president-elect becomes president.

Who becomes president if the elected president can not serve?

The vice-president becomes President if the president can not function.

Who becomes president if the president becomes disabled?

The vice president would become the acting president.

What power does the president have to do to any law?

Once a bill becomes a law, the President must abide by it just like the rest of us. However, when a completed bill is presented to him/her for his/her signature, if he/she agrees with it, he/she signs it, and it becomes a law. If he/she does not like it, he/she can veto it. But if at least two thirds of both houses of Congress disagree with the President, they can override his/her veto, and it becomes a law without the President's signature.

If the Vice President or president dies who becomes president?

If both die then the Speaker of the House becomes president