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Q: Who controlled the central government?
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Is delhi police controlled by delhi government or central government?

The police in Delhi are controlled by the Delhi government.

What is a direct rule?

Direct Rule: a system of government in which a province is controlled by a central government.

What were two things the central inca government controlled?

Empire and Economy

What were two things central Inca government controlled?

Empire and Economy

When the central government controlled all state and local governments this is known as?


Which political philosophy supports a strong central government controlled by a dictator?


What government did the Persian Empire have?

Local government, controlled by PERSIAN provincial governors with central control by the king and his council.

Did the Declaration of Independence say that you were not t be controlled by a central government?

It does but only if the exciting government is using its powers in an unfit way.

What does a government controlled economy have?

Government controlled economy or "planned economy" refers to " is the economic system in which decisions regarding production and investment are embodied in a plan formulated by a central authority, usually by a public body such as a government agency."

Who controllled the central government in the Persian Empire?

The king and his council. The 20 provinces were controlled by governors appointed by the king.

What is Direct Rule?

Direct Rule: a system of government in which a province is controlled by a central government.

How do you use central government in sentences?

Their country has a central government.What will the central government decide on that issue? We should have a central government here.