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Jeanne Therese Telles d'Acosta

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Q: Who did Comte De Rochambeau marry?
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When was Comte de Rochambeau born?

Comte de Rochambeau was born on July 1, 1725.

What is Comte de Rochambeau's birthday?

Comte de Rochambeau was born on July 1, 1725.

Who was general comte de rochambeau?

General Comte de Rochambeau was a French hero in the American Revolution.

Who was the commander for the Battle of Yorktown?

Comte de Rochambeau

Who was the commander of the british and French forces?

Comte de Rochambeau

Marquis de Rochambeau?

Comte de Rochambeau's father- aka Joseph-Charles de Vimeur.

Which forgein troops helped defeat Charles Cornwallis?

The French, led by Comte De Rochambeau.

What French generals aided the America in the revolution?

Jean-Baptiste Donatien, Comte de Rochambeau. Marquis de Lafayette.

Who commanded the army of frenchmen at Yorktown during the American revolution?

It was Comte de Rochambeau (Not Charles Cornwallis) BellaIsABeauty

Why was Comte de Rochambeau famous?

He was the commander and chief of the French in the American Revolution... I'm only ten and I know that....

Who got help from the french in the revolutionary war?

Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. Comte de Rochambeau. Comte de Grasse. Add to those well known, the 7,800 to 8,800 unnamed Frenchmen that Rochambeau had with him at Yorktown. Add also the crews of the 29 French ships in the Chesapeake under de Grasse.

What french commender helped Washington at Yorktown?

The French commander who helped Washington at Yorktown was Comte de Rochambeau.