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thirteen colonies

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The dauters of liberty

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Q: Who did Parliament call the thirteen quarrelsome sisters?
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What is the name of the bell in the clock tower of the House of Parliament In London?

The bell in the tower at the houses of parliament in London, England is "Big Ben". It was named after the man who commissioned the building works, Sir Benjamin Hall when it was installed in 1856.

Who can fire the government and parliament?

The people have the opportunity to vote leaders in and out of government. However, to get rid of a government overall would call for some sort of revolution or coup.

What is the lower house of the legislature called?

Which parliament? Many different countries have a bicameral parliament, and have different names for their lower house. For example:In England it is called The House of Commons. Other countries have different name for their houses.In Ireland it is called Dáil Éireann.In Australia, the lower House of Parliament is called the House of Representatives.In Canada, it is called the House of Commons (as for the UK).South Africans call their lower house of Parliament the National Assembly.The lower house in Germany is called the Bundestag.In Austria, it is the National Council.In India, the lower house is the Lok Sabha.

What issues did the convention fail to resolve?

One of the problems that lead to the convention that formed the Continental Congress was having no representation in British Parliament for the colonies, despite the colonies being taxed. Further oppression and taxation aggravated the issues, which eventually lead to a call for independence and the revolution.

What do you call someone who lives in the wilderness?

Well, some would call such a person a Hermit.

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