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The Loyalist.

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Q: Who did the International Brigades fought for?
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Who did the International Brigades fight for?


What name was given to the groups of foreigners that fought on the side of the republic during the spanish civil war?

The name given to the groups of foreigners who fought on the side of the republic during the Spanish Civil War was the International Brigades. These brigades were composed of volunteers from various countries who went to Spain to support the Republican cause against the Nationalist forces led by General Franco.

The Spanish Civil War was fought between?

It was a civil war. That means they fought themselves. In this particular case, the Army fought the government.It was an internal Spanish War with Portugal, Germany and Italy supporting Franco and the Soviet Union and the International Brigades supporting the legitimate government of Spain.

Which countries fought at sword beach?

The Germans defended Sword Beach. Three British Brigades and a Commando Regiment attacked them.

Who fought for the republicans in the spanish civil war?

The Popular Front was the band who claimed to be republican, they were helped for the International Brigades, made with communists arround the world. At the second year of conflict the Soviet Union send many war machines and special personel to train the "frentepopulistas".

What does viva la quince brigada mean?

"Viva la quince brigada" translates to "Long live the Fifteenth Brigade" in English. It is a phrase used in Spanish that pays tribute to the International Brigades that fought during the Spanish Civil War.

Young American volunteers who went to fight for Loyalist Spain against Franco's Spanish fascist rebels?

Were members of the International Brigades.

When was The Ghost Brigades created?

The Ghost Brigades was created in 2006.

When was Black Brigades created?

Black Brigades was created in 1943.

When did Black Brigades end?

Black Brigades ended in 1945.

How many pages does Buckskin Brigades have?

Buckskin Brigades has 312 pages.

When was Fire Brigades Union created?

Fire Brigades Union was created in 1918.