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The people vote for the Electors who in turn vote for the President. The group is called the Electoral College

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Q: Who elects the president after the people have voted?
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Who elects the president and the VP?

The people

Who elects the Indian president?


Who formally elects the president?

The electoral college elects the president.

Who formally elects the the president?

The electoral college elects the president.

Who or what indirect elects the pres and vice pres?

The "Electoral College". When you vote for president, you are voting for an elector, who will later cast their vote. In every presidential election, the electors have voted according to the will of the people, so the people still "elect" the president, though not as directly as is sometimes thought.

Who elects the rulers of the uae?

The people decide who is going to be the president

Who elects the president and vice president if no one wins a marjority vote of electoral college votes?

The House of Representatives elects the President, and the Senate elects the Vice President.

In Austria the ruler was called?

Austria elects a President.

What is the group of people who formally elects the president and vice president of the United States?

The electoral college

Who elects the Lt Governor?

president elects the lt governor

Who chose Thomas Jefferson to be president?

People voted him president.

Which branch elects the president?

The legislative branch elects the president