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The electoral college

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Q: According to the Constitution who elects the President and Vice President?
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Who elects the president and vice president if no one wins a marjority vote of electoral college votes?

The House of Representatives elects the President, and the Senate elects the Vice President.

Who elects the vice president?

Candidates for president and vice-president run as a team- they are elected as a team by the voters through an indirect process spelled out in the US Constitution. A body known as the electoral college officially elects the president and vice-president but the voters choose the electors based on the candidates they promise to vote for.

What is a name of the group of deglegates at which party elects president and vice president?

The Electoral College college

Who has the power to confirm the vice president?

The electoral college that elects the president also elects the vice president. In the event that a new vice president is appointed because of a vacancy, both houses of Congress have to confirm the president's appointee.

Who elects the Vice President if no one receives a majority?

The Vice President would then be elected by the Senate.

Which branch elects the president?

The legislative branch elects the president

What do you call the body that actually elects the president and the vice president?

The Conscience.

Who or what indirectly elects the presidents and vice president?

Electoral College (yes I know its same answer as "who elects president?" but it WAS a different question)

Who elects the Vice-President if there is no majority in the Electoral College?

The Congress would decide who the Vice-president would be.

Who will elect a vice president if no candidate for vice president obtains the required number of Electoral College votes?

In this case, the US Senate elects the vice-president.

Who or what indirectly elects the president and the vice president?

The registered voters in all the states and DC elect the president and vice-president albeit in an indirect way.

Who elects next temporay president when term is incomplete?

The Vice President takes over.