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Q: Who face is on the front of the ten dollar bill?
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What bill did Alexander Hamilton had his face on?

Alexander Hamilton's face is in the ten dollar bill.

What is the value of a 1985 ten dollar bill?

Face value only.

Whose face is on the ten dollar bill and what illustration is on the back?

Alexander Hamilton (U.S. Secretary of the Treasury) is currently on the front of the ten dollar bill and the U.S. Treasury is illustrated on the back. For future reference, you could always look at the bill itself; each picture has a label right below it.

Whose face is on the bahamian ten dollar bill?

Sir Stafford Sands

Who is on the face of the 10 bill?

The face of the ten dollar bill is Alexander Hamilton. He was the first secretary of the United States Department of Treasury.

Back of ten dollar bill?

An image of the U.S. Treasury building is featured on the back of a ten dollar bill. Alexander Hamilton, first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, adorns the front of the bill.

Who was our country's first Secretary of the Treasury?

Alexander Hamilton, the face on the Ten Dollar Bill-

Whos face is on the 10.00 dollar bill?

Alexander Hamilton is the design of the obverse of the ten dollar bill. The reverse of the bill shows the United States Treasury building.

What is a ten dollar bill worth with the insignia prints on the front instead of the back?


Who's face is on the 10 dollar note?

Alexander Hamilton, first US Secretary of the Treasury, is on the ten dollar bill.

Whose face is on the Ten Dollar bill?

Alexander Hamilton, first US Treasury Secretary.hamilton

What is a ten dollar bill worth serial?

The value of a ten dollar bill is $10. The serial number on a bill does not affect its face value but can sometimes be of interest to collectors for its rarity or unique pattern.