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The states have the power

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Q: Who has the power to set up school districts is not stated in the constitution Who has the authority to create schools?
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Who has the authority to create school?

The state government has the authority to create schools.

What role does the U.S. Constitution play in creating local governments?

it gives states power to create local governments

What did Hamilton see in the Constitution that gave him the authority to create a national bank?

He argued that Congress had the power to create a bank because the Constitution granted the federal government authority to do anything "necessary and proper" to carry out its constitutional functions

Can California create its own money?

No, California cannot create its own money as that is within the authority of the federal government by the U.S. Constitution. States in the U.S. are not allowed to print their currency.

Who creates additional federal courts?

Congress is vested with the authority to create courts "inferior" to the US Supreme Court in both Article I and Article III of the US Constitution.

Why was it necessary to create the US Constitution?

The Constitution has the laws and rules so yes it was very necessary to create the constitution.

Did John Quincy Adams create the navy?

No - the Continental Congress established the Navy during the Revolutionary War, then later after the U.S. Constitution was ratified, the U.S. Congress continued to build the Navy. Under the Constitution, on Congress has the authority to provide for and maintain the Navy.

What courts can Congress create to aid the US Supreme Court?

Article III of the Constitution refers to such courts as "inferior," meaning lower in power and authority than the US Supreme Court.

What did The Great Compromise allow the Framers of the Constitution create?

The Great Compromise allowed the Framers of the Constitution to create?

What was Horace Mann's goal as a reformer in the nineteenth century?

Horace Mann had a great interest in education reform. His goal was to create a central authority for education and bring all the schools under its guidance.

Do all nationwide laws go to the constitution?

The authority to create a Federal law is all traced back to the Constitution. In some cases people feel that the Federal government has greatly overstretched their powers and created laws that they shouldn't. When there are controversies, they go to the Supreme Court for resolution.

What did the reserved power clause do?

The Reserved powers clause of the Constitution provides that the states have the authority to create their own laws and constitutions. The Reserved powers clause is contained in the 10 amendment of the US Constitution.