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No one. Our founding fathers were very smart to make sure no one person have all the power. You can see it in action today with some of the things with Trump and congress. What they did IS working.

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The President, Supreme Court, Congress, and Senate are ultimate power holders of the US Government. Each plays a vital role in determining how the country is ran.

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This is the truth but might not be the answer. It is God.

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the people

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Q: Who holds the ultimate authority in the US?
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Who holds the ultimate authority for enacting new laws?


Who holds the ultimate responsibility for making and carrying out governmental policy?

The people hold the ultimate authority since they vote for elected officials.

What is the ultimate authority on what is or isn't allowed by the constitution?

The US Supreme Court

The men who wrote the Constitution of US resolved the question of ultimate authority to whom?

So long as a good constitution provides the frame work people are protected from any man having ultimate authority.

A republic was a system in which ultimate political authority is vested in what?

A republic is a system in which ultimate political authority is vested in the people.

What or who has the ultimate authority when it comes to controlling an intersection?

A police officer who assumes control of an intersection would have ultimate authority over that intersection.

Which statement does NOT describe the beliefs of political Islam?

The ultimate authority lies with the people. In Islam, the ultimate authority lies with Almighty Allah.

Who holds the legislative authority of the US?

Members of the House. They are the people elected in the 435 districts across the states.

What Asserts that the people not politicians or government officials hold ultimate authority?

Popular sovereignty asserts that people hold ultimate authority.

Does the orthodox church believe the bible to be the ultimate authority on their beliefs?

No, the Orthodox Church--like the Catholic Church--believe the Church itself to be the ultimate authority on their beliefs. Protestants, due to placing the Holy Bible as their ultimate authority, are divided into thousands & thousands of sects.

Who has the highest teaching authority in the Church?

The Magesterium has the ultimate teaching authority in the Catholic Church.

The ultimate source of legal authority in the colonies was?

the king