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Supreme court justices

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Q: Who is least influenced by public opinion?
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Can The Court can be influenced by public opinion?


What is public policy and how is it influenced by public opinion?

1963 March on Washington

How did the public opinion of the US contribute to the US's failiure in the Vietnam war?

The "public" was being drafted into military service; which influenced public opinion, which in turn influenced the protests and riots against the war.

The Court can be influenced by public opinion?

If the reference is to the Supreme Court being influenced by public opinion then technically the answer is no because the Supreme Court passes judgment based on law. If the reference is to lower courts, then the answer is yes because jury by trial is based upon public opinion.

Has Public opinion has seldom been influenced by newspaper editors?

Public opinion can be influenced by newspaper editors through their choice of content, tone, and framing of issues. Editors can shape public opinion by highlighting certain stories, themes, or perspectives that they believe are important. However, public opinion is also influenced by a variety of other factors, such as personal experiences, social interactions, and political leaders. Ultimately, the relationship between newspaper editors and public opinion is complex and multidirectional.

This is not a factor that characterizes the nature of public opinion?

Public opinion can be influenced by various factors such as media, personal experiences, and cultural values.

How did the public opinion influenced the peace treaties made after World War 1?


The ability of television to present images and communicate events has?

influenced American public opinion

Checks on presidential power often come in the form of which is influenced by the mass media?

public opinion

What newspaper publisher whose yellow journalism influenced public opinion?

William Randolph Hearst was a newspaper publisher whose yellow journalism, particularly through his newspaper The New York Journal, influenced public opinion during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His sensationalist reporting style played a significant role in shaping public views and opinions on various issues of the time.

Is a person who has more than average influence on public opinion?

Yes,A person can have a average influenced over a public opinion because it can be possible that he is only person who is in handling of all others activities as well.

What us constitution establishes six year terms for members of the senate in order to?

allow senators to focus on long-term national issues