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The Secretary of State and the President. But ultimately it ought to be the people (and I mean people, not corporate business interests) because we elect the President and Senate who choose and confirm the Secretary of State.

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Q: Who is responsible for the foreign policy of the US?
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What is the Foreign policy is the?

What is the current foreign policy WHERE? (in the US) The President is responsible for foreign policy.

Who is responsible for making US foreign-policy?

The President.

What Cabinet dept is responsible for carrying out the nation's Foreign Policy?

Foreign relations are handled by the US Department of State ("State Department").

What country was most responsible for the change in US foreign policy in the 18th century?

Great britain

Who is primarily responsible for us foreign policy?

The President of the United States is primarily responsible for setting and executing foreign policy. The Secretary of State and other top officials assist in developing and implementing these policies, but the ultimate authority lies with the president.

Which department is primarily responsible for matters of foreign policy?

The Department of State is primarily responsible for matters of foreign policy in the United States.

Who is responsible fro the implementation of the US foreign policy by any all US government personnel within their country of assignment?


What is sentence using foreign policy?

US foreign policy stinks.

Who is responsible for making U.S. foreign policy?

The President.

What is the foreign policy bureaucracy?

The foreign policy bureaucracy refers to the network of government agencies and departments that are responsible for formulating, implementing, and executing a country's foreign policy. This bureaucracy includes entities such as the State Department, intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, and various diplomatic missions. The purpose of the foreign policy bureaucracy is to coordinate and carry out the nation's diplomatic and international relations goals.

Why does Israel have special command over US foreign policy?

Israel has no special command over US foreign policy.

Who carries out US foreign policy?

The state department carries out foreign policy when there is one that is consistent and realistic by the president. At this time there is no realistic foreign policy.