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Q: What foreign policy would guide the US for decades?
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Which word best describes early American policy?

This entirely depends on what policies we are talking about, be they educational policy, military policy, foreign policy, trade policy, etc.As concerns foreign policy, US foreign policy in its first few decades was NEUTRALITY, meaning that the US would stay out of long-term alliances, treaties, engagements, and wars with the major European powers.

How would the word foreign policy be used in a sentence?

He lost the election because he has no foreign policy experience.

Which is not a example of U.S. foreign policy?

Signing a treaty with Russia to increase military cooperation would not be an example of U.S. foreign policy.

An example of past presidential foreign policy would be?


What would not be a current foreign policy concern?

the cold war

What foreign policy objectives would Yoshida Shigeru NOT have supported?


What was the thruman doctrine?

Thruman outline the new policy to congress " I believe that it must be a policy of the unite states to support free people who are resisting attempts subjagation by armed minorities or by outside pressures" this doctor e would guide the USA for decades . It made clear Americans would resist soviet expansion in Europe or elsewhere In the world

What was the last time the US established a foreign policy?

It is unclear what this question is asking. The US marks a distinct foreign policy trajectory with every major foreign policy choice, so the choice to bomb Islamic State back in 2014 was the the most recent foreign policy established. If the question is asking what is the most recent "named" foreign policy of the United States, it would be the Obama Doctrine, which crystallized more-or-less in 2011.

What impact does the current US position on foreign policy have on the rest of the world?

If the foreign aid policy was to change some things it would have a whole different aspect of what the policy is mainly about. It may or may not be better for the other nations.

What department in the US executive branch would be used for presidential foreign policy actions that ignored the consultation with the US Congress?

The Department of State would be the US Department that deals with US foreign policy within the executive branch.

Was Poland's foreign minister approached by Germany to formulate a joint anti-Bolshevik foreign policy?

Nazi leader Hermann Goring had approached the Polish foreign minister in 1934 concerning a joint anti-Bolshevik foreign policy. Foreign minister Beck of Poland turned that idea down. It was clear that with Stalin being Poland's eastern neighbor, such a policy would be dangerous for Poland.

How did George Washington's policy on matters at home differ from the foreign policy?

At home he wanted to be together and feared that violent divisions might tear the nation apart. But his foreign policy says that it would be best to be separate from Europe and not get entangled in the affairs of them.