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Joey Smallwood brought Newfoundland in to the Confederation in 1949

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Q: Who is the last father of confederation?
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What Canadian politicians could be called the last father of confederation?

Joey Smallwood.

Why was john a MacDonald for confederation?

Because he was a Father of Confederation

What did George brown do?

he was a politician who was supported confederation. He is a father of confederation.

Which was the last province joined the confederation?

Newfoundland and Labrador was the last province to join Confederation in 1949

Who was the father of the confederation?

Joey Smallwood.

What was the last state to withhold ratification of the Articles of Confederation was?

The last state to ratify the Articles of Confederation was Maryland.

Sir Hector Louis Langevin's role in confederation?

he was a father of confederation like the others

Who is the last procince to join confederation?

The last province to join Confederation was Newfoundland, in 1949. The last territory to join Canada was Nunavut, in 1999.

How long did the Articles of Confederation last as a government?

well the Articles of Confederation lasted from 1781 to1789

What did Joey Smallwood do that was important to Newfoundland?

He was the first premier of NL. He was known as the Father of Confederation in NL because he led the province into confederation.

What Thomas D'Arcy McGee did to support confederation?

he is the FATHER OF CONFEDERATION he started the legislative assembly and was assassinated by his bff

Should Louis reil be considered the father of confederation?

yup y not?