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There are many political parties in Canada, both at the federal and provincial levels. There are also some political parties at the territorial and municipal levels.

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The Democratic Party:Joe Biden.

The Republican Party:Mitch McConnell.

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Q: Who is the leader of the political party?
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What political party is kristina keneally?

Australian Political Party. leader is Julia Gillard

Chief Of Party?

term for the president as the leader of his or her political party.

What political party was Bertie Ahern the leader of?

Fianna Fáil, which is a political party in Ireland.

Which political party is your premier the leader of?


What is a political leader?

A political party leader is someone who spearheads the campaign to win votes, and if their party wins, will become Prime Minister, or President etc..

What is the political party of the leader of Kuwait?

Political Parties are prohibited in Kuwait

If the speaker of the house is normally the leader of the?

leader of the House of Representatives

What political party was Dalton Mcguinty the leader of?

Ontario liberal party

Which political party did Harold Holt led?

He is leader of the labor party.

What political party was sir Robert Muldoon leader of?

Robert Muldoon was the leader of the National Party (New Zealand).

Is the floor leader the chief officer elected by each political party in Congress?

No, the floor leader is not the chief officer elected by each political party in Congress. The floor leader is a member of Congress who is chosen by their party to guide and coordinate legislative activity on the floor, to advocate for their party's positions, and to communicate with party members. The chief officer elected by each political party in Congress would typically be the party leader, such as the Speaker of the House or the Majority Leader in the Senate.

What was Vietnam's nationalist leader's political party?